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Dee Jay Recordings, owned by Justin Cohen aka Slipmaster J, was closely linked to Lucky Spin Recordings. Between 1992-1997 the label released thirty 12 inch vinyl, from some of the jungle scene's finest talent. 

DJ Crystl, Johnny Jungle, DJ Trace, Inta Warriors aka Grooverider, Micky Finn, Engineers Without Fears aka DJ Rap & Aston, Koda aka Orca, and many others released classic after classic, from Spiritual Aura to Babylon, to Warpdrive, to Dreams Of Heaven, the back catalogue is littered with the highest quality jungle music! 

This light grey on red colourway is based on the DJ Crystl Warpdrive / Meditation 12 inch release (DJX010) and features centre label art in a bold white print on the front, with rectangle text logo across back shoulders.
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