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Lucky Spin Recordings was an early 90's UK Hardcore / Jungle label run from the Kings Road record shop of the same name. The shop & label moved to Holloway Road in 1994 with the studio (Monroe studios) being based next door. Pete Parson was resident engineer at Monroe Studios and was responsible for much of the signature sound of both Lucky Spin and it's closely related labels Dee Jay Recordings and Intalektive, Force Ten etc. 

DJ Harmony, Steve Lyall, Tonic, Mampi Swift & Ash-A-Tack were all employees in the shop. Both the shop and label are historically of extreme importance in the foundations of the jungle scene, and many artists and DJs owe much of their success to their association with the label and shop!

Adam F, DJ Crystl, Orca aka Decoder, DJ Trace, Ed rush, Tonic, Fokus and more were all released on Lucky Spin Recordings. 
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